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Codegen attributes


When move-to-ts is invoked with the -c (--gen-cli) flag, it will output a cli.ts (invoked with yarn cli) that contains one command for every entry function that's decorated with the #[cmd] attribute.
Example in Move:
#[cmd(desc=b"Add new token into registry")]
public entry fun add_token_script<TokenType>(
admin: &signer,
name: vector<u8>,
symbol: vector<u8>,
description: vector<u8>,
decimals: u8,
logo_url: vector<u8>,
project_url: vector<u8>,
) acquires TokenRegistry {
Generated CLI:
$ yarn cli
Usage: move-ts-cli [options] [command]
-c, --config <path> path to your aptos config.yml (generated with "aptos init")
-p, --profile <PROFILE> aptos config profile to use (default: "default")
-h, --help display help for command
coin_registry:add-token-script <TYPE_TokenType> <name> <symbol> <description> <decimals> <logo_url> <project_url>
Add new token into registry


The #[method] attribute allows you to attach specific Move functions to specified Move resource types, and use them from TypeScript as ordinary class methods.
Example in Move (taken from Econia)
/// An order book for the given market
struct OrderBook<phantom B, phantom Q, phantom E> has key {
/// Calculate expected result of swap against an `OrderBook`.
fun simulate_swap_sdk<B, Q, E>(
order_book_ref_mut: &mut OrderBook<B, Q, E>,
style: bool,
coins_in: u64
): (
) {
Usage in TypeScript:
// first fetch OrderBook resource from chain
const orderBook = await app.loadOrderBook(...);
// performs computation using fetched state
const [quoteReceived, basePaid] = orderBook.simulate_swap_sdk(true, u64(100000));


The #[app] attribute, used on functions, tells move-to-ts to include a particular function in the App interface generated. It allows you to call arbitrary move functions from TypeScript.
Example (taken from lending tutorial):
public fun global_get_user_limits(user: address): (bool, u64, u64) acquires User, LendingProtocol {
let user = borrow_global<User>(user);
let protocol = borrow_global<LendingProtocol>(@hippo_tutorial);
user_get_limits(user, protocol)
When the #[app] attribute is applied on global_get_user_limits, the following interface is exposed from the App interface:
user: HexString,
) {
return global_get_user_limits_(user, this.cache);


The #[query] attribute allows you to:
  1. 1.
    Execute arbitrary computation in Move under simulation mode using realtime onchain data
  2. 2.
    Obtain a specified output from fullnode as serialized return value
The targetted use case is to allow frontends/arb bots to obtain realtime quotes from fullnodes directly. We are reworking the interface of this query feature to make it simpler and more general (hint: we'll use script transactions!). For a contrived example of the existing, and somewhat inconvenient, interface, please refer to this.